Hard Wax

Hard Wax has a very great choice of techno, house, disco and reggae. There is most often many copies available of each record, so you will get a sealed copy most of the time. The shop has accessories like “Shure” and “Ortofon” cartridges, record bags, and T-shirts for sale.
Hard wax is in a very unique location. The shop is on the third floor in a backhouse, just next to the “Kottbuser Brücke” in Kreuzberg.


Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179, Mitte

Opening hours:

Mo-Sa 12.00 - 20.00


030 61 13 01 11

How to get there:

U1 & U8 Kottbuser Tor


One thought on “Hard Wax

  1. A. Pal says:

    An international touring musician walks into the store and asks for the buyer, the buyer clearly doesn’t have a clue who they are and refuses to ask for their name or of the records’, and spits out that if the new album is doing well it is because they had paid PR. Musician leaves store disgusted. Kudos for being ignorant scum.

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